UP1201 (Becquerel)
Acrylic on canvas, cm. 50x40.

UI1201 (Pasquini)
C-type print, cm. 70x50.

US1201 (Tosi)
Mixed media sculpture, variable dimensions.

UP1202 (La Repubblica delle Biciclette)
Acrylic on canvas, cm. 95x85. This painting was made for the cover of an album by Guido Foddis.

Acrylic on canvas, cm. 40x50.

US1202 (Nuts)
Nuts, mp3 player, sound.

Sewn flag, ink, spraypaint, cm. 151x242.

UV1201 (Non ho capito)
Single channel video (Italian), 29'27".

UP1209 (Aut Tace)
Acrylic on canvas, 90x120 cm.

Mixed media collage, 25,3x20 cm.

Rabble from earthquaked houses taken in L'Aquila, Italy, gesso, cm. 24x20x270.

UE1203 (FrighteningFigure)
Hard disk with over 100 gb of mp3 sound recorded from 1978 to 2012. Edition of 10.

UP1214 (Mould)
Mould and ink on canvas, cm. 40x50.

UC1205 (Things I won't say)
Watercolor and mixed media on paper, 23x31 cm. This image was used as a cover for Michael Koenig's CD.

Acrylic on canvas, cm. 50x40.