Paper installation, variable dimensions.

Ink on plaster, cm. 7,5x7,6x7.

Project for a public sculpture in Pfyn, Switzerland. Commissioned by the Transitory Museum of Pfyn, Cultural Capital of Switzerland.

US1106 (Seattle 1999)
Discarded wood, paper, metal, 152x74x60 cm.

US1108 (Autovelox che sono messo male)
Interactive installation, mixed media. The public is asked to recount their experiences with the local speed limit cameras. Exhibited in Ferrara at the show "Aiutatemi che sono messo male", 2011.

US1110 (Crossed)
Home made pinball machine, various materials, cm. 100x60x60 approximately.

UC1105 (Sotto al)
collage on paper, cm. 31x23.

UP1108 (Anna)
Acrylic on canvas, cm. 50x40.

UE1101 (Rebus Difficilissimo)
Wall installation with a rebus. The person who gives the right answer wins a sculpture. Variable dimensions.

Acrylic on canvas, cm. 50x40.

UA1101 (Juliet)
A special project for Juliet Magazine, five pages, cm. 21x26,5 each.