Installation at 42 contemporaneo, Modena, Italy

Untitled (tree)
Digital print on paper, edition of 5.

The Warning Sculpture (free)
Paper, tape and cardboard, 53x26x27 cm.

Quercietto and duct tape
Branches and leaves of Quercietto, duct tape, 20x32x56 cm.

Mixed media, 10x10x26 cm.

Mixed media, 8x52x8 cm.

Figue Wall
Dried figues, hot glue and porcelain, 10x15x4 cm.

Site specific installation at Palazzo Bellini during the Spina Festival in Comacchio (Italy).

Saluti da Comacchio
Mixed media sculpture, 12x8x9 cm.

I miss you
Watercolor and ink on paper, 13x18 cm.

Did you ever think you would teach me something?
Watercolor and inks on paper, 46x31 cm.

Life is Good drawings
Five drawings in pencil on paper, 29,7x21 cm. each.

Permanent installation, Via Carteria, Modena (Italy).

Eclectic Discount
Site specific installation at PaggeriArte, Sassuolo, Modena (Italy).

2005, Single Channel Video, 25'25". Telediscount is a fake TV programme to present Stefano Pasquini as one of the three most important Italian artists of the XX Century, together with Giacomo Manzł and Mario Schifano. Click here to view the 6' shortened version, edited by Mario Gorni of C/O CareOf.

Embroidered Flag, 185x128 cm.