The Dead Grandfather Photograph
A photograph of the artist after his grandfather's death, taken by a taxi driver at Newark Airport.

The Grandparents' House, 1
Part of a series of six photographs taken in the artist's grandparents house. Variable dimensions.

La Casa dei Nonni (The Grandparents' house)
Installation at Zone c/o Graffio Gallery, Bologna.

Why don't you look after yourself and not down on me?
Plaster, acrylic, glasses. 20x34x23 cm.

Showing your weight
Ink on paper, 210 x 297 mm.

Punto di fuga
Terracotta, umbrella, spraypaint. 900x210x270 mm.

Terracotta, acrylic. 35x66x26 cm.

Almost a Rodin's Thinker
Painted terracotta. 17x12x13 cm.

Blowin' in the wind
Single Channel Video, 3'28".
A peaceful representation of New York street cleaners.

Environmental Wanderer (Guanabo, Cuba)
Ongoing Project involving 5 plaster casts left in different locations around the world.
C-type Print on aluminium, 100x70 cm.

Single Channel Video, 3'18".
A beautiful song by Queen becomes the excuse to show what's been going wrong in the world in the last few years.