Sarah, with no right of free speech
2000, Mixed Media Sculpture, 10x6x7".

Gary Hill a Casalecchio only has one videocamera
2000, Single Channel Video, 4'50".
A tribute video to Gary Hill with reference to three of his works and the soundtrack of "Video Killed the Radio Star".

If only I could be a balloon
2000, Digital Print, variable dimensions.

We should have done something better
2000, Digital Print, variable dimensions.
These posters were part of a collaboration project with Michael Dvorkin to hijack the "Hit & Run" show.

2000, Single Channel Video.

Self Portrait without beard
2000, plaster, acrylic, human hair, 21x9x9".

Doorstop, ashtray and needy
2000, wood, mixed media, 9x17x14.

Slow and Low
2000, Single Channel Video.

Sandra's Car
2000, Single Channel Video.

The First Leg
2000, polyurethane, stone, wood, 6x32x6.

The Second Leg
2000, polyurethane, stone, wood, 6x31x6.

Eric can't fly
2000, plaster, acrylic, 8 x13 x15x.

2000, wax, 10x4x4.

Awaken the Pokmon Within
2000, polyurethane, acrylic, 3x5x2.

2000, digital image, variable dimensions.
This is part of a series of photographs taken in Havana. This one is of an American tourist wearing the 1995 "Hated" hat.