1999, Video, 5'33". Starting from the popular videogame, Roadrash shows you a mixture of virtual and real images in a trip between the London traffic and a digital environment.

Really gone to New York

1999, Ink and acrylic on printed paper, 12x16 inches.


1999, Modified "Operations" Game, 16x9x2 inches.
This work refers to the death of Amadou Diallo, killed by mistake with 41 shots by the New York Police in 1998.

Thinking of you

1999, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 72x68 inches.

Portrait of Mariko Mori

1999, Photograph, Variable Dimensions. This photograph is part of a whole project of works about the artist's love for Mariko Mori. A new website is now online to celebrate the beauty and genius of Mariko Mori and other projects will happen within 1999. Please click on http://members.xoom.com/marikoclub/ to check out the site.

The Day I went to Dachau with Lisa Kodel

1999, Plaster, Cloth, Tape Recorder.
The tape recorder plays a loop of the Sex Pistols' line "I don't wanna holiday in the sun".

Working as the Postman of the Royal Albert Hall

1999, Site Specific Installation with looped video, Sesto Senso, Bologna, Italy.
Before moving to New York early in 1999, Stefano Pasquini worked for over a year as part time internal postman of the Royal Albert Hall in London, a famous music venue. This installation is a collection of objects and papers from the job, and a video of the artist at work. It is both a portrait of the working condition of the young artist, who needs a part time job to continue his career, and a fond tribute to a surreal time of his life.

Looking for Beauty in Misano Adriatico

1999, C-Type Print, variable dimensions.
Following the previous series, the artist's search for Beauty continues inland.

Sugar & Sweetness

A limited edition project about eating sugar.

Objet de mon affectio'

1999, Video, 4'05".

The Sweetest thing

1999, Video, 3'25".

Oh, My Love

1999, Video, 3'20".

Miss N

A two room installation as part of Hit & Run. The installation was composed of over 100 drawings, a sculpture and videos on the search for Miss N., the perfect woman. The name Miss N. came out of a sticker that was already in the space given to Stefano for the exhibition.

Pretty Girl

1999, Video, 2'08".
This video takes as a reference the project for the mural Pretty Boy and was exhibited in the Miss N installation.


1999, Wooden sculpture, plastic bag, 21x16x18".

The Art of Fucking Everything Up

1999, Pencil on paper, 8x11".

One and Three Ns

1999, Plaster casts, 4 x6x4" each.