Solitude Standing 012

1997, Video, 5'04". "Solitude Standing 012" is the only finished video in a series of works on solitude. It consists of an animated series of computer manipulated black and white photographs, whilst the soundtrack is a tune with the same title written by the artist for this work.

Pinball Machine

1997, Video, 30'. "Pinball machine" is a double monitor video where in one side the artist is seen working as a telesales person, and in the other a girl plays a Pinball Machine. Both takes are from the machine's point of view.

The Observer

1997, installation. "The Observer" was made for the Fringe Festival at Spitafields (London). Behind a manipulated image of the artist lies a looped recording of a computerized voice whispering: "I'm watching you..."

Hope and Despair

Video 30'. "Hope and Despair" is a sort of sequel to "Hope", with the difference that the flying objects are now moving aeroplanes and clips from films, whilst the soundtrack is a lamenting whistle.