Like a Bully Boy in a Benetton Shop you're never happy with what you've got...

1996, photograph. The line is taken from a song by Billy Bragg.

Looking for Beauty in the Isle of Dogs

1996, photograph.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", teaches an English saying. The foreign artist mishears the proverb and decides to go and search in all the islands he can find.

The last days of Aldo Moro

1996, Installation. Aldo Moro was an Italian politician kidnapped by the Red Brigades in 1978. It was thought that it was the Italian Government covered decision not to find him, since he was quite a controversial figure of the Christian Democratic Party. His body was found inside a car in Rome forty days later. The piece was produced for the show "Coop" at the Casco Gallery, Utrecht, NL.


1996. video, 5'35". Hope consists of a loop of still images of aeroplanes and other flying objects, accompanied by the homonymous ambient track especially composed by Richard Warburton for the video. The aeroplane is the fastest means of human travel and can be seen as both a positive and negative development for the future. "It certainly makes you think when in a place like London it's easier to encounter a plane than a bird" (SP).

Radio Trinity

1996, installation. This is the realized version of Unrealizeable Project no. 000007. It was part of the group exhibition "Artists challenge the Armouries" in Leeds (UK). A temporary pirate radio transmitted gossips from the table of the cafe of Trinity Parish Church in the centre of Leeds.