The Dream
Installation, 1993. Piero Della Francesca (whose fresco of the dream of Constantine is represented in the bottom frame) died a few days before Christopher Columbus discovered America.

Peaceful commemoration of the death of Bantu Stephen Biko
Performance/Installation, 1993. On the 11th of September 1993 this 8 hours long performance commemorated the day before the death of Stephen Biko in South Africa 25 years before.

Collages on Argentina
Collages, 1993. In 1978, while Argentina was winning the football world cup people misteryously disappeared. By 1982 the number of missing persons reached a total of 8961.

Self portrait of Ernesto Guevara
Double exposure b/w print, 1993.

Puit d'amour
1993, Single Channel Video, 2'10". This video anticipates in style the other videos from 1999 onwards, whereby the camera stands still while very minimal things happen within the "canvas" of the screen.

The Day Nelson Mandela took the Northern Line to Camden Town
1993, Single Channel Video, 2'10".
The future President of South Africa is followed by a hidden camera for a short journey in the London Underground Station.

The Ballad of Claudio Serrapica
Installation, 1994. As a tribute to photographer and friend Claudio Serrapica (who made a similar work with the povera artist Pier Paolo Calzolari), this installation is the first computer work of Stefano Pasquini. The looped sound of  a music box increased the pathos of Underwood Street Gallery (London UK), where it was first shown.

The Second Dream
Installation, 1994. A second version of "The Dream", shown in an exhibition called "Italians" curated by Giorgio Sadotti. This version wants to be a tribute to the huge amount of Italians who emigrated to the new continent at the turn of the Twentieth Century.

Il Topo (The Mouse)
1994, Single Channel Video, 4'46".