Life no est rose y flowers

1986, acrylic on paper, cm 70x100. This was painted when Stefano Pasquini was 16, and it's possibly his first conceptual work.
Please note the tribute to Man Ray on the bottom left hand side.

Le ombre sono date dal sole

(Shadows are given by the sun), 1988, acrylic on paper, cm 200x180.

E la testa del grande Goldrake venne portata a Barabba come fosse stata smontabile

(And the head of the great Goldrake was taken to Barabha as if it was dismantleable), 1989, acrylic on canvas. Goldrake was one of the first Japanese cartoons to appear on the TV screens of Italy. This is a biblical metaphor for a nowadays hero.

So dipingere la sfera, il cono e il cilindro

(I can paint the sphere, the cone and the cylinder), 1989. An ironical tribute to CÚzanne who stated that to be able to paint Nature, and artist has to learn to paint the sphere, the cone and the cylinder.

Tu e la Cina

(China and You), 1989, acrylic on board. This was painted a few days after the Tien An Men massacre as a tribute to the struggle of the Chinese students and as a painful reminder of what happened in China in 1989. The pencil writing in the middle right states: "as the Bolero, it grows".

Hommage a Daniel Buren
1989, Single Channel Video, 3'25". Filmed in Paris, it's a remake of a video made by Daniel Buren in the same city in the Seventies.